Spirit Hoods: Power of the Wolf!

Ok, so maybe the years hottest hooded accessory won’t give you the power of the wolf, but it will put you one step closer to nature and the likes of some of the trendiest famous people out there. The celebrity status doesn’t matter quite as much as how cool the Spirit Hoods actually are.  They’re fun, playful and come in adult and kid’s sizes.  I just got one about a week ago and I’ve been wearing it every day since, for at least a few minutes.

It may be getting warmer during the day but the evenings have been chili, and our weekend hikes in the mountains, drafty. Aside from my nightly walk with my dog where I wear by Wolf Spirit Hood with pride,  I couldn’t pass up wearing my Spirit Hood from Repeat Possessions to last weekend’s trip into the Smoky Mountains. The higher in elevation, the colder it got and all the more reason to climb around under a waterfall and look, well, wolfy.

Celebrities have been giving Spirit Hoods a household name this season, from Khloe Kardashian to Vanessa Hudgens and one of the most well known Spirit Hood fans, Ke$ha.

Vanessa Hudgens

Khloe Kardashian in Spirit Hood
Khloe Kardashian


My wolf hood is soft and warm, versatile as a scarf, hood and mittens and as an added bonus, my cat loves when I chase her while wearing it. It also has a little secret pocket big enough for keys or cash, excellent for wearing it out to a club or simple hands free walk to the cafe. Check out Ke$ha’s style with her Spirit Hood. Goes to show it’s nowhere near limited to winter wear. The Spirit Hood is a year round comfy, adorable and alluring accessory. I think this proves that even mainstream style is moving more towards a more openly outgoing style!

Because we LOVE Spirit Hoods so much, we’ve partnered up with Repeat Possessions to offer our readers a special and beneficial bonus! Use the promo code WolfDog = 10% of total purchase goes to www.wolfconnection.orgplus FREE ground shipping on US orders.

Wolf Connection is a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued wolves and wolfdogs as the centerpiece.

Spread the animal magnetism!

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